SHPR400 Micro Needle

Achieves long tool life machining with 4-flutes CBN edge despite its small diameter of φ0.3

Work material: STAVAX (52HRC)
Work size: 15x15 mm
Machining depth: 1.2mm
Coolant: Oil mist.
Machining time: 24hr 53min




●New tool design has been developed to reduce the cutting resistance and upgrade the finishing accuracy!
●Realized 4-Flute type from Φ0.1! Achieved higher efficient machining and more stable tool life in micro machining!
●Shank diameter accuracy range is 0.002mm, from -0.001mm to -0.003mm, and also supports high precision shrink fit holders.
●Line up from Φ0.1 ~ Φ3, total 142 sizes.

Cutting condition


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