DRB230 Tough-Pitch Copper Comparison of tool life

Material : Tough-Pitch Copper
Work Size 11 × 40(mm)
Cutting depth 15.2mm (1pc)
Cutting time : 1hr 45min (1pc)


DRB230(Long Neck Ball Type)

●Long neck ball end mill specialized for machining copper alloy.
●Sharp edge shearing ability and DLC coating realized high quality and stable a long life machining.
●Machining copper tungsten electrodes is also effective.

Cutting condition

Process Roughing Semi-finishing Finishing
Tool DRB230
Spindle speed
40,000 30,000
2,400 2,000 1,500
Depth of cut
0.2×0.4 0.05×0.05 0.03×0.03
0.07 0.03 -
Coolant Water-insoluble fluid
Cutting time 55min 50min


By using same tool size to compare tool wear and surface roughness with conventional products.
In this machining, DRB230 approximated 6 to 7 times tool life comparing to conventional products.
Machining from roughness to finishing by using 1 end mill.

Comparison of tool wear

For image point, please see the graph below.

Condition of edge profile

Comparison of roughness

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