Started business as a machine tool manufacturer.
Established Nisshin Kogu Seisakusho L.C.
Introduced “Power End Mills” which contributed to metal industry.
Started exports.
Reorganized to Nisshin Kogu Seisakusho Co., Ltd.
Full-entry to die and mold industry with solid carbide end mills.
Established a sales subsidiary, G-Tech Co., Ltd.
Renamed to NS TOOL Co., Ltd.
Isamu Goto was inaugurated as the president.
Integrated 3 plants into a new Sendai plants.
Expanded production capacity of solid carbide end mills.
Concentrated all production lines and R&Ds in Sendai Plant.
Capital participation in Sato Tool.
Opened R&D Center.
G-Tech and Sato Tool became wholly owned subsidiaries.
Acquired ISO9001Certificate.
Listed on JASDAQ Securities Exchange.
Completed construction of building at Sendai Plant of 4,700㎡.
Established NS Engineering Co., Ltd. For coating and regrinding service.
Acquired Makino Kogyo Co., Ltd. as a wholly owned subsidiary.
Acquired Sendai warehouse.
Established an overseas subsidiary, NS TOOL Hong Kong, Ltd.
Hiroji Goto was inaugurated as the president(Isamu Goto was inaugurated as the chairman).
Completed construction of 5th Building(Bldg. E) at Sendai Plant.
NS Engineering Co.,Ltd. merged Niigata Nisshin Co.,Ltd.
Listed on JPX Tokyo Stock Exchange 2nd Section on March 7th.
Listed on JPX Tokyo Stock Exchange 1st Section on September 8th.