Connect Model Cemented Carbide PCDSE / PCD End Mill

Work size: 10×10(mm)(Cutting Depth: 0.5mm)

Material: Cemented Carbide (92.5HRA)
Cutting time: 21hr 59min

Even if it was a long time Cemented Carbide machining, NS TOOL’s PCD end mill still can achieve high quality finished surface.



• Fine and stable milling surface realized on cemented carbide material.
• Possible to get the nano-level surface roughness required on ultra-high precision machining.
• NS original flute design of cutting edge enabled a strong resistance against wear and chipping.


• Machinable on hard brittle materials such as cemented carbide material and ceramic.
• High adhered diamond coating was selected to achieve long hour milling.

Cutting Conditions

Cutting process Roughing Contour finishing Bottom finishing
Tool DCMS Φ0.3 PCDSE Φ0.5
Spindle speed
120,000 120,000 120,000
150 100 50
Depth of cut
0.0015×0.1 0.002×0.001 0.0005×0.002
Cutting length
98 64
Coolant Water-insoluble fluid
Cutting time 10hr 57min 11hr 2min


Difference in dimension was ±0.002mm
The surface roughness of side walls and flat surface were Ra17.0nm/Rz96nm and Ra0.7nm/Rz8nm.
In order to reduce the spindle load, using the tool of 0.3 when roughing.

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