MHRSH430RSF Sealed mold

Realized stable dimension accuracy on machining hardened steels
By adopting wiper at the end cutting edge achieves high precision surface roughness on plane machining

Work material : VANADIS23(63HRC)
Work size : 20×90×15mm
Machining depth : 0.3mm
Coolant : Oil mist
Total machining time : 1hr 44min




●MUGEN COATING PREMIUM Plus for hardened steels with strong back taper reduce chattering to realize long tool life and excellent finishing surface.
●4- flute end mill for high efficiency machining.
●The smallest diameter of 4- flute end mills standardizes from Φ0.1, total 131 sizes.

Cutting condition and result

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MHRSH430RSF VANADIS23(63HRC)Sealed mold