High Efficient Milling on Titanium Alloy Ti-6Al-4V MSXH440R / Power Radius End Mill

Work size: φ50×40(mm)

Material: Ti-6Al-4V
Cutting time: 3 min 9 sec

High efficient machining sample of tough material, titanium alloy.



•Improved designs of unequal helix angle and flute spacing to suppress from chattering to realize stable milling progression.
•Original spiral design at corner radius flutes improves cutting edge performance!
•Designed for high rigidity to suppress corner radius flute breakage even on rough milling stresses.
•Adopted Mugen Coating Premium to suppress from chattering to realize stable milling progression, improved heat resistance and cutting edge strength to protect from milling heat influence.

Cutting Condition

Cutting part Slot Pocket Side
Cutting process Roughing Finishing Roughing Finishing Roughing Finishing
Tool MSXH440R φ6×R0.5
Spindle speed
3,600 3,600 3,600
400 400 1000 400
Depth of cut
ap6 12×0.1 6×3 12×0.1 9×1.2 9×0.1
Coolant Water-soluble fluid
Cutting time 25 sec 25 sec 51 sec 9 sec 65 sec 14 sec


Completed with just 1 tool, in 3 minutes!
Realized high efficient milling by effect of MUGEN-COATING PREMIUM’s high heat-resistance and unique edge design.

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