MUGEN-COATING Flat Drill【MFD】Lineup Expansion in April, 2020.


Flat drill realized high efficient and stable drilling in various scenes such as inclined surface and curved surface.
The smallest diameter lineup from φ0.1!


MFD makes much easier to drill to inclined surface and curved surface. Realizes stable and accurate drilling by adoption of thinning design (spiral thinning for φ1~φ2.9 / triple thinning for φ3~φ6), double margin (over φ2.6) and long neck design that developed to each size. With flat end teeth which flatten the bottom of blind hole, MFD is suitable for counter boring and pre holing of threading. Burr-less through holing is also available! MFD functions to improve efficiency and reduce work loadings of holing with reliable MUGEN-COATING for various scenes.


Dia.:φ0.1~0.95(every 0.05 sizes from φ0.1~φ0.95)Lineup Expansion
   φ1~6(every 0.1 for over φ1)
Total 69 sizes

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●Tool design enables stable drilling even with small diameters

●Optimized tool design by each tool size!

●High efficient and stable drilling is realized in various scenes!


Flat Drill


Cutting example

MFD Cutting example of drilling on the inclined surface.

Work size:20×30mmTotal cutting time: 1hr 10min (Drilling process only)

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Automatic Lathe Model SUS304 MFD / Flat Drill

Work size:Φ10×20mm Total cutting time 3min 11sec

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3-Axis Machining Model A5052 MFD / Flat Drill

Work size:30×100mm Total cutting time: 1min (Drilling process only)

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5-Axis Drilling Sample S50C MFD / Flat Drill

Work size 30×100mm Total cutting time: 6min (Drilling process only)

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