CBN End Mill

The most suitable end mills for long-hour finishing process of high hard materials. End mills made of CBN sintered compact with hardness one rank below of diamonds as a raw material for tools.

NEWCBN Super High Precision Radius End Mill SHPR400

What is CBN Sintered Alloy?

ダイヤモンド 硬さ:Hv8,000〜10,000、CBN焼結体 硬さ:約Hv4,500、超硬合金 硬さ:Hv1,300〜1,800、ハイス 硬さ:Hv800〜900

CBN (Cubic Boron Nitride) sintered alloy is second hardest material next to diamond as left figure, 3 times harder than Tungsten carbide, moreover having features of strong heat-resistance and high thermal conductivity. However, less tough characteristic of CBN often causes chipping of tool edge easily. Accordingly, CBN is recommended for finishing of hard materials with less cutting load on the tool edge, which guarantees extra-long tool life.

Comparison of Tool Life between CBN and Coated Tools

A CBN tool provides stable surface roughness even after machining 30 workpieces!

SKD11 (60HRC) Comparison and verification of finished surface roughness.
(Tool: Ball End Mill R0.5)

Surface roughness (Ra): 0.012-0.030 μm

1 pockets 10 pockets 20 pockets 30 pockets
CBN Tool 0.9 μm 1.0 μm 1.2 μm 1.0 μm
Coated Tool 1.0 μm 6.2 μm - -

Rich Lineup, Suitable to Various Machining

End mills of the next generation realized by developing a unique tool shape utilizing the characteristics of the CBN sintered compact with high hardness and thermal resistance and establishing grinding technology. Long life and stable finished surface are provided in finishing process of high hard materials.

CBN Super High Precision Radius End Mill SHPR400

Succeeded in reducing cutting resistance.
Cutting accuracy has leveled up by new designed 4-Flute corner radius end mills!


Tool profile: Radius ( 4 Fluts )

Material: Cubic Boron Nitride

Size: φ0.1~3 Total 109 sizes

・New tool design has been developed to reduce the cutting resistance
 and upgrade the finishing accuracy!
・Achieved higher efficient machining and more stable tool life in micro machining!
・The shank diameter accuracy is 2μm (-0.001 ~ -0.003).
・Supports shrink fit holders and realizes high precision machining performance.

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Machining accuracy is determined by tool.

●New tool design for reducing cutting resistance

Succeeded in reducing cutting resistance. Upgraded machining accuracy!

●Comparison to other brand




Work Sample Data

SHPR400 Cutting example of micro slotting

Work size : 30×10mm
Profile : Width 0.1mm / Length 2.5mm / Depth 0.3mm
Use only 1 end mill to finish 100 slots.

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SSPB220 Bottleneck Model

Work size 30×30×30mm
Cutting time: 3hr 25min.

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SSPB220 Hexalobular Punch Model

Work size : Φ25 (Depth 30mm)
Cutting time: 4hr 36min

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SSPBL220 Hot Forging Mold

Work size : 50x50x18.2mm
Cutting time: 4hr (only finishing)

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SSPBTN220 Deep Milling Model

Work size : 30x30mm (cutting depth 15mm)
Cutting time: 18hr 9min.

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SFB200 ELMAX Reflector Model

Work size: 20×20mm
Cutting time: 19 hr 10 min

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SSR200 Precise Milling Model

Work size: 30×30(mm)
Cutting time: 7 hr 57 min

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