End Mills for aluminum and resin

Specialized for machining aluminum alloy and resin materials. Shapes of tool designed for each work material differentiate machining quality and accuracy

End mill for machining aluminum material

Rake angle for improving cutting quality and enlarged chip pocket realized high efficiency machining. Furthermore, the special treatment of a cutting edge restricting chattering during machining contributes to the improvement of machined surface quality and the extension of the service life.

Lineup of tools where the cutter lengths are two to five times the cutter diameter

Capable of thrust-in processing and extremely deep processing

Expansion of DLC coating application

Lineup of even ball end mills

High speed cutting (ALZ345 Φ6)

Work material A5052
Spindle speed [min-1] 10,000
Feed [mm/min] Side milling 3,500
Plunging milling 800
Depth of cutting
(ap x ae)[mm]
Roughing 9 x 3
Finishing 3 x 0.1
Coolant Water-insoluble Cutting Oil
Cutting time
45 sec

Pocket size:44 x 44 x 18 mm

End mill for machining resin material

Cutting-edge design specialized for processing a resin material realized high quality machining with minimized burrs. Size variations, such as an extremely long cutter and long neck and a short cutter with high rigidity are rich in order to respond to various processing shapes.

Square end mill

Ball end mill

Finishing (RSB230 R1 x 6)

Work material Acrylic
Spindle speed [min-1] 20,000
Feed [mm/min] 1,600
Depth of cut
(ap x ae)[mm]
0.02 x 0.03
Coolant Oil mist
Cutting time 2hr20min

Work size:50 x 50 mm
Depth of cut:8 mm