Even TiAlN based coating, MUGEN COATING has excellent characteristics to bring high rigidity and lubricity for machining hardened steels (60HRC), prehardened steels, soft irons and coppers as following cases. Also suits to any coolant such as water soluble, oil, air blow and oil mist, MUGEN COTING can be called mighty coating that applicable to any materials and coolants.

Comparison of Rigidity

The comparison of rigidity for our MUGEN COATING and rival’s TiAlN coating.

[Material] STAVAX 52HRC(SUS420J2)

MRB230 R1x10
Tool Wear0.087mm

Rival R1x10
Tool Wear0.136mm

n:10,000min-1 Vf:1,500mm/min ap:0.1mm×ae:0.2mm
Water soluble fluid Cutting time:132min Cutting length150m

Rival 0.136、MRB230 R1x10 0.087(Tool Wear2/3以下)

[Material] Carbon Steels S50C

MSE230 φ6
Tool Wear0.022mm

Rival φ6
Tool Wear0.1mm

n:3,400min-1 Vf:600mm/min ap:9mm×ae:1.2mm
Water soluble fluid Cutting time:33min Cutting length20m

Rival 0.1、MSE230 φ6 0.022(Tool Wear1/3以下)

[Material] Copper

MRB230 R1x6
Tool Wear0.028mm

Rival R1x6
Tool Wear0.095mm

n:12,000min-1 Vf:1,200mm/min ap:0.2mm×ae:0.3mm
Water soluble fluid Cutting time:5hr44min Cutting length365m

Rival 0.095、MRB230 R1x6 0.022(Tool Wear1/3以下)