PCD End Mill

Cutting processing of highly fragile materials, such as a hard metal alloy…PCD end mill/diamond coating series that changed an impossibility to a possibility.

PCD End Mill

PCD (polycrystalline diamond) is adopted as a tool material. Many technical elements, such as a special cutting edge, provide the finishing quality and know-how for processing of the new generation and were developed to realize a nano-level finished surface by cutting work.

Square End Mill

Ball End Mill

Radius End Mill

Mirror Finishing Sample

Material STAVAX 52HRC
Process Finishing
Tool PCDRB R1×5
Spindle Speed [min-1] 45,000
Feed [mm/min] 1,200
Depth of cut
(ap x ae)[mm]
Stock [mm] 0.005
Coolant Water-insoluble fluid
Cutting time 63hr 45min

Work size:200×100mm

Reflection of cutting surface

Surface roughness(Ra):0.03∼0.05μm

Only using 1 piece PCDRB for finishing about 64 hrs to realize mirror surface and the measurement of surface roughness is under Ra0.05μm.

Cemented carbide cutting sample

Material Cemented carbide 92.5HRA
Process Finishing
Contour line Scanning line
Tool PCDRS ⌀0.3×R0.05×0.3
Spindle Speed [min-1] 40,000
Feed [mm/min] 70
Depth of cut [mm] ap
Stock [mm] 0.002 0.001
Coolant Water-insoluble fluid
Cutting time 6hr 23min 3hr 25min

Work size:15×15mm

Convex shape

Diameter at bottom shape 2.000mm/Height 0.924mm


Flat surface roughness(Ra) 0.0027μm
Shape(maximum) Diameter at bottom shape 0.003mm
Height 0.002mm

Nano-level surface roughness can be realized, even when milling cemented carbide.