New Sizes Addition: MUGEN-COATING Flat Drill

MFD Released in April, 2020

Small diameter drill with flat end profile
The smallest diameter lineup from φ0.1


「MFD」 is realized stable drilling in various scenes such as inclined surface and curved surface. New sizes added from φ0.1 to φ0.95, and standardized every 0.05 sizes from φ0.1 to φ0.95, and every 0.1 for over φ0.1. Not only drilling, but also counter boring is capable, and possible to reduce the back burr. Total 69 sizes to satisfy with all the needs of drilling.



MFD Photo

Shape: 2 Flute flat drill

Material / Coating: Ultra fine grain cemented carbide / MUGEN- COATING

Size: φ0.1~φ6 (Total 69 sizes)
※ The additional sizes are from φ0.1~φ0.95

Features: ・Lineup from φ0.1 to φ6, total 69 sizes.
     ・Developed for the precise drilling field.
     ・Stable drilling is realized in various scenes such as inclined surface and curved surface, also possible to reduce the burr.


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