New product: MUGEN-COATING PREMIUM 4-Flute High Efficient "Z" End Mill for Stainless Steels

MSUSZ440 Released in November, 2019.
MSUSZ440-LN Released in November, 2019.

Redefinition of stainless steels machining!
Minimizing chatter and shorten machining time!

Four techniques of high efficient machining on stainless steels.


●Unequal flute spacing, unequal helix angle and high rigid end profile design to minimize chatter realize high efficient machining.

●New developed special edge profile realized multi-functional performance of side milling, slot milling and drilling approaches on stainless steel.

●Optimized high heat-resistance MUGEN-COATING PREMIUM to realize stable long time machining.

Lined up two types for machining

●Regular type【MSUSZ440】

MSUSZ440 Photo

Dia.:φ1~6 Total 62 sizes
Length of cut lined up with L/D=2 or 3 (Some sizes).

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●Long neck type【MSUSZ440-LN】

MSUSZ440-LN Photo

Dia.:φ1~6 Total 33 sizes
Effective length lined up with L/D=3 to 5.

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