JIMTOF Online 2020

We will participate and exhibit at JIMTOF2020 Online.

NS TOOL is going to participate the "JIMTOF 2020 Online" during November 16th to 27th.
The following products and series will be introduced at the exhibition. Please come to visit us.

※Pre-registration is required to join JIMTOF2020 Online.

Highlights of NS TOOL at JIMTOF2020 Online

1. The most suitable end mills for long-hour finishing process of high hardness steels!

CBN End Mill Series

End mills made of CBN sintered compact with hardness one rank below of diamonds as a raw material for tools. The next generation end mills realized by developing a unique tool shape utilizing the characteristics of the CBN sintered compact with high hardness and thermal resistance. Long life and stable finished surface are provided in finishing process of high hard materials.

Square End Mill
SMEZ120 SSE400
Ball End Mill
SMB120 SFB200 SSB200
Corner Radius End Mill
SSR200 SHR320 SHPR400 SSF120

2. Finished surface looks "smooth, even and shiny" such as the mirror surface realized by milling process.

PCD End Mill Series

PCD (polycrystalline diamond) is adopted as a tool material.
Unique cutting edge, technology components and milling know-how were developed for realizing nano-level of surface roughness by milling process.

Square End Mill Ball End Mill Corner Radius End Mill

3. High precision and long tool life even for hardened steels up to 70HRC.

MUGEN COATING PREMIUM Plus 2-Flute Long Neck Ball End Mill with Short Shank for Hardened Steel and High accuracy cutting


Developed a new ball end mill series for machining hardened steels up to 70HRC, such as hardened powder high speed steels. Adopting three new technologies, development of coating 「MUGEN COATING PREMIUM Plus」with high oxidation resistance and abrasion resistance, sharp cutting edge to reduce cutting load, and super micro grain carbide with improved fracture resistance, combined PATENT pending seamless high precision R design to realize long time high precision machining.

4. Specialized edge profile and DLC COATING realized high quality machining on copper electrode. Realize long life machining on tough material of Copper Tungsten!

Long Neck End Mill Series for Copper Electrode

193 sizes in total support and realize high quality of milling copper electrode

Square End Mill Ball End Mill Corner Radius End Mill
DHR237 DRB230 DHR237R

5. High efficient end mill series for continuous machining from drilling to slotting and prevent chattering to realize high efficient machining!

High Efficient End Mill Series

Continuous machining from drilling to slotting skips guide hole requirement for pocket machining, and shortens the process and machining time.
Unequal flute spacing and unequal helix angle prevent chattering and realize stable performance on high speed machining.

Square End Mill
MSZ345 MSCZ440
Drilling ∼ Slotting Drilling ∼ Slotting
unequal flute spacing ⋅ unequal helix angle
Drilling ∼ Slotting
General steel ∼ Stainless steel Stainless steel ⋅
Titanium Alloy
Aluminum ⋅
Aluminum alloy
Corner Radius End Mill
Unequal flute spacing ⋅ Unequal helix angle
Stainless steel ⋅ Titanium Alloy

We are humbled to wait for your visiting.