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Search Function Update Information

Update in June 2019

Changed Part ①

The suggestion function has been added to the model name searching when entering a letter.

Searching for a part of the model name, or "430", a feature of our products which shows the number of flutes by the first character and the second character shows the helix angle.

Search by model name

Changed Part ②

Image figure is changed to show the shape more directly to understand.

Search by tool shape

Changed part ③

The size range of the model name is displayed on the list to help to select based on the size.

Search by product

Changed Part ④

Refine function has been added to help more details searching, such as searching by tool size or materials.

Search by product

Changed Part ⑤

The description of the icon is now displayed by placing the mouse over the icon.

Search by product

Others: To whom always use searching function to search NS TOOL products

This modification may not be reflected by the cache function of the browse. In that case, please kindly clear the browser cache before use.