NC Code Generator For Thread Mill


MMTS / MMTM / MMTU NC Code Generator For Thread Mill

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How to use

  • Operation has been confirmed on Windows®10 (64bit version).
  • "NC Code Generator For Thread Mill V2.1.exe" and "DAT" folder should be stored in the same directory hierarchy. Storing them in different locations will interfere with startup and operation.
  • The operation of this program has been checked with a NC control unit manufactured by FANUC. Please check the G-code when using other control units.


  • Please note that we cannot be held responsible for any disadvantages or damages caused by the use of this program.
  • When using this program, please be sure to check the operation on the machine before actual machining.
  • Use a machine that supports helical interpolation (simultaneous circular interpolation of X, Y, and Z axes) to process the program with arc output.
  • This file has been virus-checked with Trend Micro OfficeScan Business Security (Ver.20.0.2076) pattern file (17.153.00).