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April 2016 New Product: MUGEN-Coating Flat Drill seriesNew Product
MFD New product
April 2016 Version UP of PCD Ball End Mill SeriesNew Product
PCDRB Version UP
April 2016 New Sizes added to 4-Flute Long Neck Radius End Mill for Hardened Steels seriesNew Product
MHRH430R Size Addition
July 2015 New Products join CBN Ball End Mill SeriesNew Product
SSPBL220  CBN Super Spiral Long Neck Ball End Mill
SSPBTN220  CBN Super Spiral Long Taper Neck Ball End Mill
June 2015 New Sizes added to CBN Ball End Mill Series,
SSB200 and SSPB220
January 2015 Chamfer CutterNew Product
NSCV-M New product
NSCV New product
January 2015 MUGEN COATING Premium Thread Cutting Tool
New Product
MMTU New product
January 2015 CBN High Efficient Radius End MillNew Product
SHR320 New product
December 2014 Corrections on NS END MILL Catalog Vol.16
October 2014 Announcement of Discontinued Product
Monocrystalline Diamond End MillgCLEAR EDGEhCED100 D0.05mm has been discontinued the production.
June 2014 Launched PCD Radius End MillgPCDRShNew Product
April 2014 MUGEN Coating Series@Micro Thread Cutting Tool
gMMTMhExpansion in the range of sizes!
MMTM realized thread milling with stable long tool life
for tough materials, such as Stainless Steels
and M4, M5, M6 are added as an expansion of size range.
Meet needs by wide range of sizes.
April 2014 Ball End Mill for Hard Brittle Materials
gDCMBh has been released.
New Product
It is a ball end mill which can realize high accuracy
in direct milling to cemented carbide!
Realized high accuracy in direct milling
with three-dimensional shapes by adoption of spiral ball shape
with balanced strength and sharpness of cutting edges,
and newly-developed diamond coating with enhanced sticking force.
November 2013 End Mill for AluminumNew Product
Realized wide variation in cutting by substantial lineup of AL series!
Addition of new products to AL Series as follows.
AL4D-2 (2-Flute Medium End Mill)
AL2D-2DLC (2-Flute End Mill with DLC coating)
AL4D-2DLC (2-Flute Medium End Mill with DLC coating)
AL5D-2DLC (2-Flute Long End Mill with DLC coating)
ALZ345-DLC (3-Flute Power "Z" End Mill with DLC coating)
ALB225-DLC (Ball End Mill with DLC coating)
November 2013 CBN Super Spiral Ball End MillNew Product
SSPB200 New Product
To Higher-grade Machined Surface!!
Realized the new level of quality and glossy surface by the synergistic effects described below!
Features of shape: 1) the best spiral ball shape for finishing, 2) NS original cutting edge shape design, 3) taper back shape on peripheral cutting edge.
August 2013 MUGEN Coating Premium & MUGEN Coating Series
3-Flute Ball End Mill
MSBH345 R Size Addition as Semi-standard Items
MSB345 R Size Addition as Semi-standard Items

Please inquire for price and delivery.
Two coating accommodate to wide range of work materials.
Original 3-Flute design and unequal flute spacing to suppress chattering realize high efficient machining.
August 2013 MUGEN Coating Premium Series
MRBH230 Price revision
MSBH230 Price revision

Price reduction for MRBH230(2-Flute Long Neck Ball End mill) and MSBH230(2-Flute Ball End Mill) for Hardened Steels is effective from the 1st of Sep.,2013.
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