Environmental Policy

NS Tool Co., Ltd contributes to society through the activities of providing high quality products.

We implement the Environment Management System based on following principles as an enterprise to develop and manufacture the products.

  1. We promote consecutive improvement in the Environment Management System.
  2. We strive to prevent environmental pollution such as ambient noise, shaking and air & water pollution due to emission gas & drainage by our operational activities.
  3. We strive for environmental protection compliance with environment-related law, regulation & agreement.
  4. We strive to reduce waste and to save natural resources & energy in manufacturing and office activities.
  5. To achieve certainly the Environment Management System, we promote activities based on an implementation plan by setting up an environmental object and goal.
  6. The Environment Management System shall be written and made known by the management to every employee, and disclose to the public respond to its request.

Hiroji Goto, President
April 1, 2013